How Mobile Game Addiction Harms the Kids – The Way to Stop the Addiction

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How Mobile Game Addiction Harms the Kids There’s been a dramatic increase in the mobile phone usage among the kids. Matter-of-factly, they spend every single moment of their leisure time and even the time that’s meant for more important things in playing around their phones. Mobile based games form one of the biggest reasons behind such a habit.

According to psychiatrist Michael Brody, MD, addiction to Internet and mobile based games is quite the same as addiction to substances. Once a person gets habitual of gaming, he or she will not live without it, just the way an alcoholic won’t live without the dose of alcohol.

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Why you Need an iPad Monitoring App for your Child or Employees

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iPad Monitoring AppDo you often feel the urge to know what your kids might be doing on their iPads or you get a weird feeling that your employees use the device in a wrong way?

If you are troubled by any such feelings, you need to keep track of your kids and employees’ tablet activities to know the real truth and be free from unnecessary botheration.

iPads did come as interesting digital equipment that helped people work on the go or stay entertained  when they had no other way to entertain themselves. So, if anybody had to check an important mail and it was urgent, they could rely on their tablet for checking the mail; similarly, one could play music or watch a video for fun.

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Protecting your Child from Digital Addiction with Digital Device Monitoring

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Kids from across the world are turning into pathetic digital device addict. They just need a device and they’ll forget everything else. According to a survey, South Korea alone has 2.5 million digital addicts and the number includes even the 3-year-old users.

The little ones of the present generation no more desire of teddy bears to sleep with. They rather choose to sleep hugging their smart phones and wake up only when the alarm on the phone rings in the morning.

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Internet Safety Tips – 8 Rules to Keep Your Child Safe on Web Space

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Internet Safety Tips With a sharp increase in the number of kids accessing Internet through their cell phones, parents need to know what exactly they do online. According to Pew Research Center*, three in every four kids (that makes around 74%) in the age group of 12-17 access the Internet through the digital handhelds that they personally own.

Where it is easier to keep note of wired Internet use; it is rather a difficult task for parents to know what exactly their kids do while using the mobile Internet. Even a quick look at your child’s computer screen can tell you what’s going on – whether it is a YouTube video or a science project presentation; explicit pictures or rare historical photography; endless social networking or a tour to new educational site. However, it doesn’t work this way when your child is using a cell phone for getting online and participating in various activities. Read More

BBM 2.0 to offer Free Voice Call & other Features; also for iOS & Android

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BBM MessengerBlackBerry Messenger received its latest update this Thursday. Along with the update came the exciting announcement that soon the users will get a host of most impressive features. Among the other features, the newer version, namely, Version 2.0, will offer an innovative voice calling feature called BBM Voice that will enable the users to make free phone calls through the messenger with Wi-Fi or data connection.

If you are an iOS or Android user, there’s no reason to feel disappointed as BBM 2.0 will offer its features on these operating systems too! Other than the newly added free call option, you have other interesting possibilities such as

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Play your part in International Safer Internet Day: Ensure Child Online Safety

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Is your child using Internet the safe way? Inculcate safer Internet usage habits in your child this International Safer Internet Day. February 11th is celebrated as International Safer Internet Day to promote online safety among the Web users. Created way back in 1999, this day aims at promoting responsible usage of online technology and eliminating all kinds of dangers, especially among the young users.

The theme for Feb. 11th, this year, i.e. for 2014 is – “Let’s create a better Internet together.”The organization is doing its part in spreading awareness about all kinds of threats and vulnerability prevalent across the web; but parents, teachers and older siblings have their part to play in keeping the younger generations safe and sound.

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WhatsApp Gains More Popularity with New Voice-Mail App for Android

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WhatsApp Voice-Mail &Voice-SMSWhatsApp continues to be one of the most popular mobile messaging apps and to enhance its popularity further, it continues being innovative and better. This weekend, it came up with yet another interesting addition; it now has a brand new Android App, named as ‘WhatsApp voice-Mail and Voice SMS from Twiize.’

This exciting new app will allow you to record your messages and send them either as text messages or as voice messages right onto your WhatsApp in case your call goes unanswered.

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