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Both regular cell phones and their advanced cousins, the smart phones, have a feature that it’s very popular: text messages, also known as SMS.

Unlike calls, text messages can be sent at pretty much any time. For example, if you are in class, at a meeting, or in a place with a lot of noise, you can’t just dial and call some one. However, you can send a text message.

But maybe it’s the messages of other people that you are interested in. Maybe there is something that you need to know desperately. For instance, there are numerous employers who just cannot make out if their staff is actually doing work or is whiling away time in text chatting or getting into things more harmful for your business such as passing out the company secrets through the discreetness of texting services. Then there are parents feeling frustrated because they haven’t an iota of notion about what’s going on in the lives of their children.

Now, normally, what goes on between other people isn’t your business. However, in the cases mentioned above, i.e. when employees are dishonest and kids are secretive; IT IS YOUR BUSINESS!!

It’s one thing to avoid meddling in other people’s lives and a different thing to let others step on you or let your children face dangers by themselves. In both situations, it is in your interest to know what those text messages that they send and receive say.

And you can know what’s in those text messages. There is an application now that you can use and that will allow you to read every single word of those messages.

Now, you might think that text spying is not for you, or that you don’t need it right now but you will consider it in the future if you notice something.

And that’s ok, but there is one problem with that attitude. It’s exactly the same attitude that the employers, hit hard by employee dishonesty, had. It’s the same attitude that parents who find out too late that their children drank or smoked had. In fact, you can’t be 100% sure that your staff is purely honest or your kid isn’t going on a wrong path.

If a simple program or application could save you tons of grief and trouble later, wouldn’t it make sense to use it now? Remember, the longer you neglect a problem, the bigger the consequences will be.

If you think about it, text messages are the best way to communicate secretive information. You will never hear your child call and say “bring some beer to the party” or your husband say “I will meet you at the same hotel tomorrow at 7.” Therefore, if there is any information that your staff or your child wants to keep from you, it will be sent by SMS.

But what if the person deletes the text message? No problem. The program that lets you spy on text messages keeps a copy of every single message (incoming or outgoing) for you. You can check the information at your convenience because it will be there for sure.

So, stop guessing what’s happening in your  child or employees’ text message inbox; just get a monitoring program installed on their phones and keep complete record of all the communication that takes place through messaging!

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Stuart Watson

Stuart Watson is a mobile phone system engineer and has a knack for mobile and wireless technology. He loves to test the latest mobile applications and shares his views on them with the world in his leisure.