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There is a tendency today to move from calls to text messages, also known as SMS. This tendency can be seen everywhere, in schools, in companies, in public buses, in the subway system, etc.

Perhaps it’s because text is more permanent. If you get a call from your sweetheart, the words are ephemeral and disappear soon. A text message is more permanent. If you receive one that you like, you might store it in the memory of your cell phone or smart phone so that you can read it again and feel again whatever feeling it made you feel. In a way, it’s like the modern version of the love letters of long ago.

However, there is another reason why people prefer to send and SMS than to call: because they are silent and discreet.

This might not seem like a big advantage to you, but it is to people who want to keep secrets from others.

For example, let’s say that an employee is conspiring against you and your company. Say, he is leaking out confidential information. It can be still more dangerous; say, this employee has joined hands with your competitors and everything that he is doing is just to give away all your company secrets to your competitors.

Well, this disloyal employee will never make a call to leak the information for several reasons. First, he doesn’t want you or other people on staff to overhear him. Second, oral communication is never as clear as a written one. Now, if this person in question is all set to give your financial statements or the numbers in your legal tenders: all full of digits, it will be tough job to speak it all up; whereas, simply typing and sending the information through an SMS will be far easier and reliable. Why will anyone take a foolish take when there’s a smarter way to do the thing?

Yet another example. A teenager is organizing a party, and he wants his best friend to ask his brother to bring beer. He doesn’t want to call because his friend might be with his parents and they wouldn’t be able to talk about the beer, so he sends him a text message which his friend can read at a glance.

There are many more examples of people who are doing things they shouldn’t be doing and communicating them by text messages. However, this is information that shouldn’t be hidden. In the above examples, the employer has the right to know about the dishonest person on his staff and save his business from getting destroyed. Again, in the case of the boy, who is texting to arrange beer for the party; his parents have right to know what’s happening in his life in order to stop him from going astray. Now, no responsible parent can ever appreciate a minor child consuming alcoholic beverages.

As a response, text message monitoring was developed. It’s a type of technology that can be installed on a smart phone or cell phone that will allow you to see any text message that the phone sends or receives.

This application works with almost every mobile phone. When active, it sends a copy of each SMS (sent or received) to a website where you can read it at your leisure.

Obviously, the information is not accessible by just anyone. When you buy the software, you also create a password that will allow you (and only you) to read these text messages. And the person who is sending them or receiving them will never know about it.

The program is a favorite of parents, responsible guardians worried about their kids and business owners, who don’t want any wrong person on their staff harming their business. Each of these groups have a problem that is solved with the application.

And you too can use it for your benefit. For an effective text message monitoring, you can always think of using a technology which is easier to use and handle and at the same time offers best monitoring results. Installation doesn’t require special knowledge and it takes only a few minutes. But most importantly, it’s both efficient and invisible to the cell phone’s user.

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