Does your Child Access Adult Content on Cell Phone? Monitor to Know it All

It is no secret that pornography is one of the predominant things on the Internet. Kids know it and it's not uncommon for them to try to look at pictures that include adult content.

Obviously, what is considered appropriate varies from person to person. However, the differences in opinion apply only on adults. When it comes to children, content with a high degree of sexuality is not allowed or acceptable under any circumstance.

And it's not that we are afraid of sexuality. We accept sexuality as part of the human experience. However, sexuality is something that children and most teens are just not ready for. It's something that we have to explain to them in the moment and way that we decide it's more convenient.

Moreover, exposure to pornography and other adult content can be harmful to your child.

Effects of Exposing Children and Teens to Pornographic Content

1. Teen pregnancies.

This is the number one fear of parents of daughters everywhere, although that doesn't mean it doesn't affect parents of sons. Because sex is portrayed as something that should be sought at any cost, many teenagers are getting pregnant as a result.

2. Incorrect information about sex.

Pornographic material is wish fulfillment. It is not meant to be taken as real depictions of what actual sex is about. However, if teenagers get the information about sex from such content, they will think it's normal and regular and will expect the same things to happen when they have a sexual relationship.

3. Proliferation of venereal diseases.

Many parents worry about AIDS, but the truth is that there are many more venereal diseases that can be transmitted among teens. Adult content is not known for teaching how to protect yourself form catching a disease.

4. Unrealistic body ideals.

It doesn’t appear reasonable to mention here the stereotypes of what is desirable in men and women in pornography are, as you know them already. However, teens, and specially girls often feel bad because their bodies don't match the type of bodies that appear in adult content. This may result in depression or eating disorders, such as anorexia.

5. Loss of values.

Content of a sexual nature takes away all that's beautiful and sacred about sex. Adult content make teens think of sex as something with little value of consequence. They lose the ability to show love to the one they love through sex and making it a special occasion.

How to Prevent Your Kids from Getting to This Material

If you're like most parents, you must have a way to control what your child accesses with the computer at home. Therefore, the greatest threat comes from his or her cell phone, which allows the user to browse the Internet in pretty much the same way as a computer.

Before you take away your child's phone, consider that a cell phone is part of the normal life of a teenager. If you take it away, you'll just make your teenaged child be in disadvantage with regard to the rest of his or her peers. Moreover, the lack of a cell phone is considered as a sight of weakness in the teen world, which again serves as something that attracts bullies.

Therefore, consider getting SpyBubble, the most effective and secret mobile phone monitoring software in the world.

With this software, you'll be able to know what sites your child visits and find out if they have adult material. You'll also know if your child is talking with his friends about pornography and where they are getting it from.

But most importantly, it is invisible, which means that your kid will never know you're keeping an eye on him or her. And with this discreet form of monitoring there won’t be those fights that you often have with your child when you ask where he or she is going!